Social protection project: Medical card and health care for orphans in Rwanda

Introduction :
The children supervised by OVC Rwanda, numbering 527, require medical care because they are in a state of vulnerability. Not only do they need quality treatment but also registration with a health insurance house.
Indeed, vulnerable children are generally characterized by low health care coverage so that they remain exposed to common diseases such as malaria, respiratory infections, diarrhea, tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and….
The work of OVC Rwanda could not be done without the precious help of our generous donors.
Each child needs 5 Euro for the annual medical card and 5 Euro minimum to finance the consultations, the care and the medicines as well as the part not covered by the mutual health insurance.
The medical card is valid until May each year.
Medical care :
It is true that every child cannot fall ill all of a sudden, except in the event of an epidemic.
Nevertheless, any child is likely to fall ill throughout the year.
Given the existence of health insurance, the disbursements for the purchase of drugs will not be significant.
We consider that 10% of children may be affected by the additional purchase of so-called specialty drugs.
Nutritional aspect:
Maintenance of body weight
Cultural hygiene
Nutritional intakes
Nutritional complications and their management.
Therapeutic aspect
.Drug prophylaxis of opportunistic infections (OI)
.Processing of OIs.

To support the projects of OVC Rwanda, you can regularly visit our website: and share it with your contacts and other people sensitive to our cause.

Here is the bank information of OVC Rwanda to transfer your aid:

OVC Rwanda
Account no: 100001679117 / Euro
Bank of Kigali (BK)
Plot No. 6112, Avenue de la Paix
P.O.Box: 175 Kigali, Rwanda
Swift code: BKIGRWRW
Cell : +250788143000

Together I and you have the power to change the certain future for vulnerable children.

Our sincere thanks and best regards!

OVC Rwanda Coordination
P.O.Box : 4575 Kigali, Rwanda
Cell /whatsapp: +250788494148

No one chooses to be an orphan…No parent chooses to die and leave their children to fight for themselves…May God watch over all orphans in the world.

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