*“ Together I and you have the power to change the future for the benefit of vulnerable children ” 

Thank you for coming into contact with OVC RWANDA

Presentation :

OVC RWANDA, It is the Refuge for victims of exclusion following an unhappy childhood relating to the early loss of parents and loved ones, abandoned by them, to tragic social, economic and even cultural events.

OVC RWANDA is child harmony and the center of fulfillment.

OVC RWANDA is the hope of children, normal or with disabilities, the elderly (Guardians) and even single mothers left to fend for themselves.


-Remove orphans and other vulnerable children whose disabilities from despair and begging

-Restore in their maternity rights girls – mothers suffering from AIDS and living in a particularly difficult situation

-Help the elderly (Guardians) without humanitarian care to enjoy their last years of shameless life

-Promote the economic, cultural and social development of all these people assisted.

Creation and legal status

OVC RWANDA was created in 1995 and enjoys the status of a non-profit organization. The organization has no affiliation with any religious mission

Place of performance

OVC RWANDA operates throughout the national territory. Only its headquarters are based in the City of Kigali. 


OVC RWANDA is governed by a Board of Directors made up of 20 people who are passionate about volunteering and who, from day to day, get involved in implementing the projects developed for each program 


  1. Masaka Educational Center

It is the headquarters of the Organization, and therefore includes not only the offices but also the care and education of 227 children aged 0-18 years.Children assisted by the Organization but living in families regularly come to the Center for advice and other advice.

  1. Center for disabled children in RUTONGO

The organization has more than 170 children living with disabilities. Their disabilities are of all kinds, children learn trades likely to change their lifestyles, we plan to set up a sewing workshop, a carpentry workshop, an assembly workshop and equipment repair orthopedic, etc.

  1. 130 albino children
  1. Elderly people (Guardians)

We have 50 elderly people (Guardians) over 65 years old, old and old from all over the country. They are supported by voluntary social workers and share the joy of savoring the memories and the news awaiting to end their days here below.

As a sign of recognition for what they have done to care for orphans of OVC.

  1. BYIMANA Workshops

Promoting occupations for young people in distress is the cornerstone of the organization. What could be better for a young person without a parent than learning a trade for access to a possible job?

Well, OVC RWANDA has set up a Professional Center in the Southern Province where street children occupy a significant place among the country’s unemployed children.


 Farm :

Near Lake Muhazi, 20 ha of land is being negotiated to be sold to the organization. It could be used for farming and farming. The financial means are still insufficient for their exploitation.


Nearly 1 500 vulnerable children live with foster families but benefit from the organization’s help, especially with regard to school fees, health insurance and other necessities. However, some families are no longer able to provide the maximum attention the child needs as a result of poverty issues.


OVC RWANDA draws 100% of its vital resources from charity.

The management of the resources received is essential. OVC RWANDA acts as a good partner of your WILL.


Do you have a passion for children’s rights?

Do you want to support one of the so-called Centers?


Mob: +250 788 494 148

B.P. 4575 Kigali, Rwanda


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