Collective sponsorship of orphans, disabled children and albino children in Rwanda.

In order to help orphans, disabled children and albino children in Rwanda, we wanted to present our collective sponsorship project to possibly help orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda and do not hesitate to present our project to all people sensitive to our cause.

Here is our proposal: We ask all those sensitive to our cause to give a minimum monthly contribution of 15 Euro per month per child from 0 to 11 years old (473 children) and a contribution of 30 Euro per month per child from 12 years to 19 years (54 children) this because the children of more than 12 years are in the secondary school and the needs are enormous since they have to pay the tuition fees of 300 Euro per year which cover the studies, the food, water and electricity and other education-related expenses because in high school, they have to stay in school and come home only for vacations.

 The duration of annual sponsorship depends on the godmother or godfather who decides the way and the procedures to sponsor the child, he can pay the money every three months, six months or at the beginning of the year so that the child can start the year in order to pay for school materials or school fees and other needs for those who have not yet started school.

The duration of the sponsorship depends on the godmother or godfather of a child, OVC Rwanda undertakes to give the report every three months with the information of the sponsored child to Godmother or Godfather to know the evolution, the godfathers can accompany their children until the end of high school when the child is nineteen years old, he normally finishes school and is able to do something to make a living.

The amount is not the same for all children, we have young and old, for children from 0-11 years, most are in kindergarten and others in primary school, sponsorship is 15 euro per month minimum because the sponsor can give more according to his financial possibilities, and large children from 12 to 19 years old, they are in secondary school, the needs are enormous, their sponsorship is 30 Euro per months, per child the minimum to cover the costs related to his education but the sponsor can give more depending on his financial possibilities…

The work of the OVC Rwanda could not be done without the precious help of our generous donors.

If our projects have affected you, you too can take part in them, and become actors in our fight for the improvement of the living conditions of the children of Rwanda:

-Ensure basic education and literacy for supervised children

-Learning trades and creating related infrastructure

-Development of sports and cultural exchanges.

-Support for income generating activities

Your donations, sponsorship offers, and other supports will allow one or more children to secure a future.

Do not hesitate to share our information with all your Friends, your Association, Knowledge, Schools, Universities, Churches, Your Town Hall, Societies, Companies… and other people sensitive to our cause to help orphans of Rwanda in order to prepare their future better . Do not hesitate to contact us if you have other objections relating to it, some photos of our orphans

To support our projects, here are the account numbers:

OVC Rwanda

 Project account number: 040-0299430-24 / Euro

Bank of Kigali (BK)

Plot no 6112, Avenue de la Paix

B.P: 175 Kigali, Rwanda

Swift code: BKIGRWRW

Mob: +250 788 143 000

Email: bk@bk.rw

Kigali, Rwanda

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Our sincere thanks and best regards!

 OVC Rwanda Coordination

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