Demarginalization of poor mother girls


Name of organization: OVC Rwanda

Place of performance: City of Kigali


Even if the millionaire’s goals are tending towards the end, it can be said that they have not yet been achieved with regard to poverty, hunger, health, education and environmental protection. gender and the authorization of women, there are still taboos and behaviors that obstruct their achievement.

This project aims to support nearly 100 girl mothers aged 20-28 years infected with HIV / AIDS and their infants under the age of two, living in the city of Kigali. Such assistance consists of;

i) Provide them with a safe home

ii) Pay them mutual health insurance costs

iii) Teach them a professional job

iv) Helping them cope with the consequences of HIV / AIDS infection and overcome the stigma and discrimination they face

v) Guarantee the best health conditions for their children.

The project beneficiaries are therefore taken care of by beneficiaries inside and outside the country. This compassion will have a positive impact on children’s growth. The operation of a sewing workshop and the training of production cooperatives on behalf of the beneficiaries will be encouraged.

Project duration: 3 years

Budget required: 283.215 Euro

Disbursement method: -Year1: 21% of 283,214 Euro: 59,475 Euro

-Year2: 42% of 283,214Euro: 118,950 Euro

– Year3: 34% of 283,241 Euro: 104,790 Euro

Budget breakdown:

-Support for women’s groups: 153,846 Euro

– Health insurance 1.192 Euro

-Mobilization and awareness 37.154 Euro

-Rental costs of residential houses 1.923 Euro

– Cutting and tailoring training 7.698 Euro

-Sewing workshop (5 Units) 18.305 Euro

-Monitoring and evaluation 13.486 Euro

-Staff costs 49,614 Euro

TOTAL 283,215 Euro

To support this project, here is the account number:

OVC Rwanda

Project account number: 040-0299430-24 / Euro

Bank of Kigali (BK)

Plot no 6112, Avenue de la Paix

P.O.Box : 175 Kigali, Rwanda

Swift code: BKIGRWRW

Cell : +250 788 143 000


OVC Rwanda Coordination 

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