Rwanda Orphans Nutritional Health Project

Normally, mothers with malnourished children aged 0 to 5 years are admitted to attend the Center.
These mothers will receive a health card for the child to be presented once a month at each attendance. This will allow him to benefit from an additional monthly ration that the child will consume at home.
Such a ration includes:
– A food rich in protein (usually skimmed milk, powder or its equivalent;
– High-calorie foods: cereals (eg soy flour) and fats (eg vegetable oil).
During the visit, the child will be weighed in order to assess his weight curve and his mother will have a nutritional education session.
However, experience has shown that the level of attendance at Nutritional Centers drops in places following non-compliance with the advice given by the Center officials, such as:
– Jealously guard the products received
– the difficulties of preparing an appropriate meal for only one child among the other children
– some mothers find it difficult to attend the centers regularly and only show up on food distribution days.
For good success, mothers will be asked to:
– bring fresh local foodstuffs: vegetables; beans ; peanuts, eggs so that together they prepare a local recipe rich in calories at the Center so that others can enjoy it at home.
A vegetable garden around the Nutritional Center can also be set up and maintained by the group of mothers concerned:
– to take home the mixture of products (eg: milk + flour + vegetable oil + sugar) in order to avoid the temptation to resell isolated products for other costs
– advise mothers to practice poultry for eggs and meat, caniculture (raising rabbits) for meat and sale in order to have the income to obtain products rich in protein. The OVC Center may intervene by distributing two (2) laying hens to each family attending the Center; some seeds for the vegetable garden as well as a couple of rabbits if the family already has a hutch.
The children supervised by OVC RWANDA in charge of the Center will experience OVC RWANDA projects that are already operational (raising laying hens, raising rabbits, raising dairy goats, growing vegetables).
If you are interested in our project, you can contact us:

With 144 orphans, we need 30 euro/each child/month.

Here is the account number and bank information to send your support:
OVC Rwanda
Account no: 100001679117 / Euro
Bank of Kigali (BK)
Plot No. 6112, Avenue de la Paix
P.O.Box: 175 Kigali, Rwanda
Swift code: BKIGRWRW
Cell : +250788143000

Who saves a child, saves the world

OVC Rwanda Coordination
P.O.Box: 4575 Kigali, Rwanda
Cell : +250788494148

No one chooses to be an orphan…No parent chooses to die and leave their children to fight for themselves…May God watch over all orphans in the world.

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