OVC Rwanda School Renovation Project

Our organization based in the City of Kigali / Rwanda intervenes to alleviate the despair of vulnerable children towards education, port and health insurance in collaboration with the families involved in their reception.
OVC Rwanda is launching this renovation project: OVC Rwanda School – Development Center for the training of 120 orphaned children.

We therefore kindly ask you to request your intervention for four thousand nine fifty (4,950) Euro as stipulated above:

96 bags of cement x 10 Euro = 960 Euro
42 cubic meters of sand x 15 Euro = 630 Euro
Evacuation of rainwater: 200 Euro
Ceiling :
25 triplex x 10 Euro = 250 Euro
30 kilos of diversified nails x 1.5 Euro = 45 Euro
30 planing timber x 7 Euro = 210 Euro
10 boxes of varnish x 8 Euro = 80 Euro
10 metal edge boards x 24 Euro = 240 Euro
10 lids x 25 Euro = 250 Euro
55 pots of paint x 10 Euro = 550 Euro
Water connection: 240 Euro
Plumbing: 250 Euro
Sanitary installation: 300 Euro
Electricity connection: 270 Euro
Technicians: 275 Euro
Transport of materials: 200 Euro

Here is the bank information of OVC Rwanda to transfer your aid:
OVC Rwanda
Account no: 100001679117 / Euro
Bank of Kigali (BK)
Plot No. 6112, Avenue de la Paix
P.O.Box: 175 Kigali, Rwanda
Swift code: BKIGRWRW
Cell : +250788143000
Email: bk@bk.rw

When the renovation materials are available, the Rwandan Community will be ready voluntarily for the workforce.

As soon as the renovation work is completed, the related equipment and materials must be installed.

The beauty that will save the world is generosity, sharing, compassion, all these values (…) which lead to a fabulous energy which is that of love.

Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world.

Together we and you have the power to change the certain future for vulnerable children.

Our best regards and sincere thanks!

The coordination
Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Rwanda (OVC Rwanda)
P.O.Box: 4575 Kigali, Rwanda
Cell / Whatsapp: +250788494148
Email: ovcrwanda1995@gmail.com
Website: www.ovcrwanda.org

No one chooses to be an orphan…No parent chooses to die and leave their children to fight for themselves…May God watch over all orphans in the world.

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