OVC Rwanda annual budget

You do not stop demonstrating in the area of ​​activities that are the subject of our mission: Housing, education, health, nutrition, development, social reintegration into current life in favor of vulnerable children …

OVC Rwanda is a non-profit organization which cares for the unhappy childhood linked to the early disappearance of parents, or to being abandoned or suffering from social, economic and cultural crisis.

OVC Rwanda is an organization aimed at providing joy, hope and harmony to children while respecting the rights of the child.

You can enhance the meaning of life in human beings.

 How much does the project cost?

Annual budget of our organization:

Here is OVC Rwanda’s annual budget calculating the bare minimum possible that children need and do not yet have:

  1. Assistance to orphans in Rwanda (227 children):

– Tuition fees: 300 Euro / year x 54 students = 16,200 Euro

-School materials: 90 Euro / year x 150 students = 13,500 Euro

b.Assistance to disabled children (170 children):

– Prostheses: 300 Euro x 40 children = 12,000 Euro

-Ortheses: 400 Euro x 35 children = 14,000 Euro

-Wheelchairs: 500 Euro x 20 = 10,000 Euro

– Crutches: 100 Euro x 75 = 7.500 Euro

  1. Special assistance for albino children (130 children) = 13,000 Euro
  2. Collective sponsorship, we have 527 children, the annual sponsorship is 360 Euro per year, possibly 30 Euro per month and you will have information, photos, letters from your sponsored child as well as his progress.
  1. Goat breeding project to help orphans in Rwanda to pay for school materials and other needs of the first needy: 527 goats for 527 children x 50 Euro the price of the improved breed goat (To make the orphans self-sufficient): 527 x 50 Euro = 26.350 Euro
  • Nursery school renovation and extension project to educate orphans: 15,000 Euro (they do not have access to existing schools due to lack of financial means)
  1. Medical insurance: 527 children x 10 Euro = 5.270 Euro

                       Hygienic needs: 527 children x10 Euro = 5.270 Euro

 Here is the banking information of OVC Rwanda to transfer your aid:

OVC Rwanda

Account no: 100001679117  / Euro

 Bank of Kigali (BK) Plot no 6112, Avenue de la Paix

 P.O.Box : 175 Kigali, Rwanda

Swift code: BKIGRWRW

Cell : +250788143000

Email: bk@bk.rw  

The beauty that will save the world is generosity, sharing, compassion, all these values ​​(…) which lead to a fabulous energy which is that of love.

Here are the possible fundraising possibilities:

 -Publication of our projects in the Newsletter

-Publication on the website (Online jackpot)

-Organization of the concert, golf club, cycling,… for the benefit of orphans and vulnerable children of Rwanda.

-Organization of sponsored walks in different schools (primary, secondary and universities), Rotary club, Lions Club, …

 -Put us in contact with major charitable organizations

-Submit our project within the Ministry of International Relations, Municipalities and Provinces, … – Make contact with journalists in order to publish an article in the newspapers relating to OVC Rwanda and people will know us and support our work …

Other diversified means of fundraising to support the programs of OVC Rwanda, here are our statistics:

.227 orphaned children

.170 disabled children

.130 albino children

.100 street mothers and their children (60 children)

.52 elderly people …

Together we and you have the power to change the future for vulnerable children.

 Who saves a child, saves the world!

The coordination

Orphans and Vulnerable Children in Rwanda  (OVC Rwanda)

P.O.Box : 4575 Kigali, Rwanda

Cell / whatsapp: +250788494148

Email: ovcrwanda1995@gmail.com

Website: www.ovcrwanda.org  

 No one chooses to be an orphan … No parent chooses to die and let their children fight for themselves … May God watch over all orphans in the world.

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