Goats project in lockdown period

Hello  All !

How are you ?

We hope you are doing relatively well and we are still praying for that intention.

We wanted to present to you our project to raise goats to support orphans and vulnerable children in Rwanda during this difficult period of confinement (due to the corona virus).This project of goats for orphans is a project that will help them to have milk, cheese, ensure adequate nutrition, to pay for school materials, hygienic materials and later school fees, possibly as and when time .

This goat project is a project that does not require a lot of work, indeed, it is very practical during this period of confinement, the orphans themselves are responsible for their goats

It is a project that contributes to improving the socio-economic situation of children in vulnerable situations.Instill in children the spirit of producing more through the development of small farming.The goat produces manure to be used for the development of vegetable crops including vegetables, …

There is still a long way to go, that is why we currently have 527 children who have not yet been served the goat, you can see with your friends and your community sensitive to our cause so that each orphan effectively finds a goat . A goat costs 50 Euro, sometimes there is a great advantage of finding it with its young, they reproduce quickly, they give manure, etc.

Here is the correct account number in Euro to support orphans in Rwanda:

OVC Rwanda

Account no: 040-0299430-24 / Euro

Bank of Kigali (BK)

Plot no 6112, Avenue de la Paix

P.O.Box : 175Kigali, Rwanda

Swift code: BKIGRWRW

Cell : +250 788 143 000

Email: bk@kb.rw

Our best regards !

Good health, happiness and prosperity!

Who saves a child, save the world!

OVC Rwanda Coordination

Mob: +250 788 494 148

Email: ovcrwanda1995@gmail.com

Website: www.ovcrwanda.org

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